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When some friends from Estro, a wine bar in Dorsoduro in Venice, suggested us to their friends Patrizia (Patty) and Ricardo, because they would love to have some pictures, we were overjoyed to be of assistance. Our Italian is….fair, and that’s being generous, it improves daily, but it was Ricardo and Patrizia’s dedication to having a good time, our simple instructions of “Falla ridere- make her laugh” proved to be more than adequate throughout the evening, sunsets over Dorsoduro, sweet embraces in the garden of the Guggenheim museum, and a little swing dance on the steps of the Salute church. What we have found most charming about Italians in general, and our Venetian and Muranese friends in particular is that, no matter how many times they see everything that is Venice, they still find it beautiful and love to live there. Why wouldn’t they?