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Ellie and Tim’s engagement photography session travels from Baltimore to Brooklyn

Ellie and Tim may live in Baltimore, but when it came to their engagement photography, they wanted to do something that was a little bit beyond what Charm City could offer. So when we suggested having their engagement photography done outside of home, we discussed and decided that New York City, while a little ways away, was close enough to where Tim had relatives, and our photographer Daniel McGarrity had plenty of experience.

So, enter the Brooklyn Bridge,

in its 130+ year glory, and photographed by the best photographers for over a century, we started there at the beginning of Golden hour working the photography through the ebb and flow of people that, at one moment, seem to never end their teeming movement from Manhattan to Brooklyn, wildly indifferent to a couple from Baltimore and their engagement photography session,  and the next, where it seems as if the entire Brooklyn Bridge swayed it’s old cables and incredibly iconic tiers only for our benefit.

Keeping it Honest and authentic

We worked at keeping the kisses honest, and kept Ellie and Tim from slipping into a “smile for the camera” mindset. “Happy sexy” is a phrase we like to use to describe what we would like our subjects to embody. That sense of being a desirable human specimen, yet not bogged down in what serves as beauty in the advertising world. Lucky for us, Tim and Ellie were warm for each other, and add a pleasant bit of weather, and all worked out well

Doing what tourists do

Regardless of where you’re from, if you don’t live in New York, or close by, you are going to be doing what people do. We took pictures, and pictures, mostly of Ellie and Tim, but we snuck in a few of our own googly eyed impressed pictures of the city. New York City, Wall Street, and even Baltimore, have seen their fair share of engagement photography, we thought it best to add to the mix. We did want to get down to the Battery for sunset photos with the Statue of Liberty in the background, and the Staten Island Ferry and terminal providing a lovely finishing light on our time together.