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We are,
Daniel McGarrity and William Lounsbury, We are the principles for Because Kisses Matter Wedding and Engagement Photography and consultation, and we would like to photograph your wedding and engagement anywhere. ...Will is easy to spot due to that beard..holy cow, that beard!


Daniel, lives in Baltimore where he photographs throughout the midatlantic states. He speaks Italian and also spends considerable time in Venice Italy, where he was married, and he photographs throughout the city and the Veneto region. His knowledge of all things Venetian makes him almost one part Venetian. He doesn't photograph as often as he would like in Paris, but can order coffee with a perfect Parisan accent. He has been a wedding photographer for over 11 years. He learned on film, but shoots digital unless asked specifically.

William, lives and works in Paris, originally from Ohio, he graduated with a degree in photojournalism, moved to Paris 5 years ago, met a wonderful woman whom he fell in love with and decided, "I'm in love, I'm in Paris, that seems pretty good", an opportunity few of us have, but here's one who took it up! William speaks French fluently, and knows most of the best spots in Paris for pictures. He works as a photographer in addition to weddings and couples for because kisses matter, he works with a travel group who helps visitors to Paris learn how to use their cameras to their best ability.


Our inspiration

to create pictures for you that are honest, authentic and iconic