What does “Because Kisses Matter” mean?

Well, for a start, It isn’t just about being the best wedding photographer in Baltimore, it’s about becoming your authentic wedding photographer.
To help you out, let’s discuss what makes us the best wedding photographer, not just in Baltimore, but in DC, Paris, Venice Italy. Getting into that in a second,your top rated wedding photography is going to be more about you, than any other source of information.

That may sound obvious, but whether we are in Baltimore, DC, NOVA, or and certainly Europe, each person has an idea of what makes for a genuine wedding photography, or engagement session, and we are here to talk with you about that. You may see all the magazines and blogs, and they may say that this is the current trend for engagement sessions, that all the trimmings in your wedding or engagement photography are easily captured in an interest board on social media or wherever you find your inspiration.


We do want you to have great pictures from your engagement session, we do want you to have great pictures from your wedding, part of what we offer is consultation to get there. We may be great photographers, but we’re terrible mind readers. You can take a look at our work and get an idea that we want you to want to see your pictures, not just online, but printed large and on the wall in the house, and we believe our clients want those pictures as well. We love taking pictures of shoes and dresses, and you will see those in your photo gallery or on the images we deliver. We have a special penchat for food photography as well! Our philosophy is that wedding and engagement photography is about people, maybe they are in Paris, maybe they are in Venice, Italy but if you really only see the background, then it’s not much of a story, much less an authentic telling of your story. Your story, your laughs, your kisses, why? Because those things are what matters when you show your wedding photography to your children, or your grandchildren, though we will leave it to your parents toast at your wedding to make you feel that pressure in particular.

We would like to start with a consultation, because as good as we are as wedding and engagement photographers is as bad as we are as mind readers. Some coffee, some tea, some conversation, maybe make you laugh, or talk about your wedding ideas. Once we get underway our consultations are more about the timeline and the way to get you through the day and the pictures without feeling like your entire wedding day was spent in front of our cameras. We can make no promises about your friends and the selfies, but we will be listening and talking with you about getting authentic, real, genuine pictures from your wedding photography that are more than just beautiful, they are exactly what you want.

We are- Daniel McGarrity, and William Lounsbury- Daniel is a Baltimore Maryland based Wedding and Engagement photographer and spends a good deal of time in Venice Italy,photographing vacationers, and Venetians alike. He is fluent in Italian * for an American* and whose Venetian experience, and the rest of the Veneto region will assist you in not only finding the best pictures, but navigating the crowds as well.

William Lousbury is an America who lives in Paris full time, he is a working photographer there and maintains his own portrait photography business as well as touring group called Aperture Tours who not only takes pictures of people on vacation in and around Paris, but helps with providing tips to photographers in town.